Restarting YNAB after 5 month hiatus. How do I fix my "To be budgeted" which is too high?

I've already reconciled all my accounts so that they match with my online bank accounts. However, my "To be budgeted" is showing I have $19,000 to be budgeted, which is not true. I should only have like $6,000. 

How can I fix this so that my To be budgeted reflects what I actually have to budget?

The last month I used YNAB and budgeted was in Feb.  Which shows $0 to be budgeted.

Do I need to go back to March-June and budget old months? That doesn't seem to make sense, is there a way I can reset my to be budgeted amount to start this month? 

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  • Sounds like you want a "Fresh Start" (menu, near open a budget there should be "Fresh Start"). That will copy your budget's accounts and categories over to a new budget. It won't carry over any spending history, but since you seem to be missing that for March-June, you're probably better starting over and going back to the old budget for spending history prior to March.


    If all your accounts including any credit cards match the cleared balance from the bank, then YNAB's accounting of how much you have to budget with is accurate. It can't be incorrect, because it's a simple addition/subtraction calculation that computers can't mess up.

    When you do the Fresh Start, make sure all your starting balances are accurate. Then remember that the amount To Be Budgeted includes all the money in your on-budget checking and savings accounts. It doesn't separate them out.  If you have any balances on credit cards, you'll need to assign money from your TBB to the credit card category to cover the balance - YNAB won't automatically remove those dollars from your TBB.  If you pay the  card in full, you should budget the full amount to the category, even if you only pay the statement balance when it comes. I recommend doing this step first, so you don't get confused. This seems to be the step that trips many people up.

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