'Spending rate' metric?

Is there a way to view a metric that shows something like an average daily/weekly spending rate? I guess you can get a feel for what rate you're spending at by how quickly your budgets are shrinking, but I think I would find it useful to see 'Last 7/30 days average daily spending', or maybe something that shows how your spending rate compares to last month, or compares to your budget for the month. An alert that told me 'if you keep spending at this average daily rate, you're going to go over budget this month'. Something like the age of money metric but based on spend rates. Does that make sense?

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  • Indeed there is in the 3rd party Toolkit. It's a browser add on.

    • You can find more information here and here. This ad-on isn't supported by YNAB, so you'll have to work with the Toolkit folks for questions. :) The metric you're seeking is called Days of Buffering.

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    In the web app (not on mobile) there is a pacing feature at the category level that helps visualize the "how quickly your budgets are shrinking". You can enable/disable it using the icons over the "Available" column.


    The Toolkit also has several category-level progress bar and pacing functions/settings. I don't use them so I can't give specific advice, but I imagine it should be fairly simple to test what each one does. I do know it doesn't compare your current spending to your historical averages, but it will compare your spending to how far we are through the current calendar month and tell you if you are "on pace".

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