Any clever ideas?

I am a paycheck budgeter rather than a monthly budgeter. Any clever ideas on how to get reports per paycheck cycle rather than monthly? Would be very helpful.



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  • Hi, there! Thanks for your patience while we were on break! :)

    Hrm... my first thought is that everyone is a paycheck budgeter when it comes down to it! ;) I wonder, what information are you seeking that can't be found on a month-by-month report?

    Reports in YNAB are aggregated by month, and though you can filter the information, you won't be able to do that in any other way than by month. If you'd like to request that an alternative be added as a feature, you can get in touch with our design team! :)

    Otherwise, you might try reviewing the All Accounts view in your budget. You can filter by certain dates and dats types, to see only transactions from the date range you wish to see. From there, you can export the data to slice and dice if you'd like!

  • I would like to be able to generate reports in 2 weekly or 4 weekly blocks, not by month which is all you can really do. I get paid by weekly and budget biweekly but I find it difficult to track my spending in 2 week blocks because you cannot generate reports with 2 week blocks; they are only available in a monthly format. I hope I am explaining my need well.

    • Pink Yeti Why not arrange your budget so that you are Classically Buffered?

      Break the paycheck to budgeting cycle. It simplifies and clarifies so many things.


      Dela said:
      everyone is a paycheck budgeter when it comes down to it

       I know this is meant to be encouraging, but one of the most powerful aspects of YNAB is (was) true Bufferdom. I would also say that many experienced YNABers (or, well, the ones who had/have used YNAB for a long time) are not paycheck budgeters.

      Pink Yeti - I don't have time to type it up now, but hopefully you can find info on getting Buffered.  If you have reasons to hesitate making the jump to such a state, ask on the forum and someone may rise to the challenge and assuage those concerns/explain answers to your questions.

    • Pink Yeti I'd suggest submitting this as a Feature Request

      You also might view All Accounts, use the search terms before: and after:, sort by category, and then use the selected total feature to find the data you're looking for. 

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      Pink Yeti I recommend you export the data to excel and then you can sort and subtotal any way you wish.  I do find that the export of the dates doesn’t work properly for me so I have to recreate the date column but then you can sort and subtotal first by dates and then by categories.  

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  • To clarify:

    Yes. YNAB had this really clever idea of how to solve your desire. It's called getting Buffered. It used to be YNAB's Rule 1, then it was Rule 4. Now it's only an idea kept alive on the forum (and probably reddit, maybe Facebook).

    Even though YNAB itself different promote it, the Classic YNAB Buffer is a really clever idea. It has many other benefits aside from what you're asking for here as well.

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