Excluding a Category from Net Worth reporting

I own a business and from time to time I need to move money around from some external accounts through my personal accounts into business accounts, etc. This is easy to handle in all of both native Ynab reports and Toolkit reports as I categorize these transactions in an "Exclude from Budget" category, except for "Net Worth" reports on both areas. The "Filter by Category" functions on these Net Worth reports are grayed out. These sums of money reek havoc on my reporting historic and current as it relates to my progress in Net Worth. 


Any ideas?

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  • Maybe it would be better with more details on what you are doing. Because from what you say, I imagine this workflow:

    1. Inflow from an account to personal account, category Exclude from Budget.
    2. Outflow from personal account to business account, category Exclude from Budget

    Net worth = 0 change.

    Do you mean to say you have 1 budget with both personal and business accounts in? It is usually recommended to have 2 budgets: 1 for personal and 1 for business. Although it can depend on how big/complicated the business's finances are I guess.

    What are the external accounts? Are they account you own? You could add them as tracking account in YNAB so that you get an outflow in the tracking account that cancels out the inflow into the budget for the net worth.

  • Ceeses,

    thanks for the reply and it is as you say with the inflow and outflow but . . . . sometimes these funds hold in my personal account/budget and cross month boundaries and hence cause this anomaly.  I only have one budget. My business finance are quite complex and biz budgeting is handled elsewhere.

  • Do you find that the money is lingering across monthly roll-overs? Can you check your Net Worth report when you don't have any temporary money in your budget?

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    Category is disabled because net worth is the sum of account balances, not budget categories.

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  • I guess for me the interest of the Net Worth report is in the long term trend and not the monthly variations. I mean in June/July we sold and bought a car. So in June we had a high in Net Worth and then a low in July. It's just life... The monthly variations aren't something I stop at. Also, for years we had 30% of our True Expenses in value during October - November (because of yearly bills that all fell during those months). So every year, I would see a dip in net worth over those months but the overall trend was positive so not a worry.

  • The best way to improve net worth is to either reduce liabilities while assets stay constant or rise, or increase assets while liabilities either stay constant or fall.

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