App suddenly won’t let me move from avail categories

Hi, inthe app I’m trying to move money between categories in the available column per usual- and suddenly I can’t/it will only make changes to assigned column (which has various numbers negative and positive or zero listed in various categories- I normally don’t use this category).  What did I do/I want to be able to move between categories as usual!  Please help thanks!  In the picture, see the cursor by the zero in assigned for spectrum category? I want to move the $23 avail to another category and it won’t let me/defaults to only the assigned column 

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  • I'm not sure if it's something at my end but I'm not seeing anything below Lafleurs, so I can't see the item that you are referring to.

    When I reassign money from one category to another, though, it always changes the "Assigned" amount, and the "Available" amount also changes because it is basically "Assigned" - "Activity". But any changes will always change the "Assigned" amount as that is basically what you are doing when you move money from one category to another.

  • Oh, I see it now (on my iPad). 

    I’m not sure but I think if you use the “Assign” button it will let you change the values in the “Assigned” column. If you want to move money then you use the “Move Money” button. I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong though.

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  • Hey Gold Falafel ! Great question. In the iOS app, you can swipe right on a category to move money or tap the Move Money button (visible in your screenshot above the number pad) to bring up the modal. Does that look more familiar?

    There are a few different ways to move money in the mobile app—they accomplish the same thing, but you may prefer a certain method for your workflow. In your screenshot, using the calculator is another way—but when you subtract the $23.00 from the category, you'd see those dollars appear in Ready to Assign. Since you know where you want to move those dollars, using the modal will save you the extra steps!

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