Consolidating categories end with less "to be budgeted"

So here is where i'm at.  Its the end of the month so I thought I would try to cleen up aand consolidate a few categories.  I have a category of "reimbursements and under it there are about 8 sub categories.  Two of them accomplish the same thing "Work expense" and "work reimbursement". So I wanted to combine them.  They are in March bot at $0.  So I go through the steps and when I'm done it takes money out of my TBB...???? why?  I looked back and in January I did not get reimbursed by the 31st so it carried over as a red CC spending,   When it was reimbursed in Feb I added it to that line and them moved it as I have paid the CC. 

So if I don't consolidate them everything seems fine and I just budget my TBB, If i do consolidate, my TBB drops even though I do not owe anything on the CC now.  What is going on?  I guess I could just hide the category I don't use but I wanted to understand the macanaice of this.



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  • Hi Tim! When you delete a category with previous transactions, two things happen:

    1) You're asked to recategorize (or uncategorize) past transactions in the category. Can you let me know which option you went with?
    2) All the money budgeted to that category (in all months) is sent back To be Budgeted, so you'll likely want to move money to the category you chose in the first step to cover the overspending.

    That's why we highly recommend hiding categories instead, as the changes you see in your budget might be different than what you expected. I hope that helps!

      • dakinemaui
      • dakinemaui
      • 9 mths ago
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      Nicole It makes no sense for the user to have to hide categories that are being combined. In addition to recategorizing transactions, the budget entries should be "recategorized" as well. This half-way implementation / design error has been present since launch -- please fix it.

      tgpratt Your only recourse is to file a bug report. Maybe your voice will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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  • Since the budget entries in the past for the deleted category do not make it into the new category, it becomes overspent. However, TBB should have increased by the same amount and can be used to cover the overspent CC category. There may also be some extra left in the remaining Work category that should be sent to the CC Payment category as well.

    If that's not enough, then you likely had a negative TBB in a future month, which consumed the funds when TBB was increased. Budget whatever is necessary to restore the CC Payment category in the current month, which will also restore the future TBB to its previous negative state. (Incidentally, this is one reason you shouldn't have a negative future TBB and TBB should be $0 before doing any edits.) 

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      • Amy H
      • Makingspace
      • 9 mths ago
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      dakinemaui Jumping in to say this explains something I had happen a couple of years ago. It's definitely weird. Thanks for explaining that it's not me!

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