Accidentally added very old date - now selecting "All Dates" in views defaults to begin at that old date

I accidentally put in a badly formatted date or maybe YNAB misunderstood the format. It set the date back to 2010 for that transaction and I added it without realizing it. Well I later caught that error and fixed the date. However YNAB is remembering that date and messing up the default parameters when I select "All Dates" from the report view.


Is this a bug or how can I fix this?

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  • Hi there Auios ! I just responded to your email to support with next steps. Sometimes we need to do an adjustment on the back end to get this sorted out.

    For anyone else running into this issue, you can submit a Bug Report! 😊

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  • More detailed reply from Marisa via email ticket:

    This is Marisa, from the forum! It should be no problem to get that fixed.
    First, here's what we need you to do (I think you did some/all of these steps):
    1. Delete all transactions dated in the previous months that you no longer want to display.
    2. Remove all Assigned amounts in those previous months
    3. Delete all Targets that were created in those previous months
    Those steps may be enough on their own to clear the months.
    If not, please let us know so we can take a look—we may need to rerun your budget's
    full calculations to clear them. Depending on what we find when we do that, we'll need to
    jump in with a different type of access to your account. Typically we don't make
    changes in a user's budget during Support Access (and there are safeguards in place that
    help us avoid unintentional changes).
    However, in some circumstances, we will need edit access in order to fix this issue.
    We’ll let you know what was changed so you’ll know what to expect the next time you log in.
    Know that your budget will be handled with care and will only be seen
    by our support staff and development staff.
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