Loan Account Locks Down Category

We have two car payments, both go to the same category.  I converted one of the loans to a new Loan Account, but now it's completely taken over that category. If I try to record a payment to the other car, it changes the payee to the first car loan and greys it out so that I can't change it.

I assume this is a "feature" and not a bug?  Do I now have to have a unique category for each loan account?  For me the purpose of a category is to group a couple of payees together.

Do I have this right, or is there a work around?

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  • Right now, a category can be paired with only one loan account at a time. Instead of pairing, I suggest you leave the loan accounts unpaired so you can have the flexibility you'd like.

    To remove the paired category from a loan, you'll want to delete the category (you can move the transactions to a new category, so don't worry about losing anything!):

    1. Open your budget on the web and create a new category for your loan payments. (The payment activity and assigned funds from the existing category will be moved here.)
    2. Click on the old category’s name, then click “Delete.”
    3. When YNAB asks you to reassign the Activity, select the category you just created.

    When you do this, the Record Payment button and the debt simulator won't show up when you select an unpaired category, so you’ll need to choose the loan payment category the first time you record a payment in the account.

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