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I'm fairly new with YNAB so hoping someone can show me a better way! Super frustrated at the moment. After paying off a credit card, I closed the account. I don't want to see it in YNAB anymore. I used the close the account button, but you still see it as a budget category which is super annoying. So I tried moving the transactions to a different account and then deleting the account and now all my numbers are messed up for my budget, the category is still visable and I have only seemed to make my budget messier without cleaning it up (which is why I wanted to get rid of those accounts to begin with).

I have three accounts in a similar situation. PLEASE HELP! There has to be a better way than to starting fresh with a whole new budget, excluding those accounts - and my prior transaction history with it. 

thanks...... 😩

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    Oh, just hide them!  Just click on it and hide.  I have a lot of CC's still IN the budget but that I'm not currently using or rarely use and I hide them when they're not in service (or paid off).  If you work in the web app you can undo any of your changes before you log out or refresh.

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