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I set a "Needed for Spending" goal for groceries of $600. This month I had some left over (let's say $100). So at the start of the next month I only budget $500 for groceries because $100 carries over so I have a total of $600 but since I didn't contribute $600 for the month the available shows as yellow instead of green. Is there a different way to do this to accomplish the same goal and show it as green? 

I use the yellow and green colors as a quick way to see which line items still need contribution. If I change the goal to a "Target for Savings" goal then it shows as green regardless of what I contribute as long as the target savings date hasn't passed.

Do I just need to zero out the past month's contributions and move the unused funds into the "To Be Budgeted" category?



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  • I believe that the 'needed for spending' goal will stay yellow until 1 June. As I understand it, this is because you could spend some of the $100 carryover between now and then.

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  • AH! So I just need to be patient..... Thanks!

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  • I take any money left over at the end of the month and transfer it to my savings goal ("Emergency Fund").  It turns Yellow when I do it, but it is the end of the month.  The next month I take money from my Emergency Fund to fund the next month's budget and everything is Green. 

    • Budget Conquistador Like Superbone was saying in the other thread, it's better to use an Income for Next Month category/workflow in addition to saving up an Emergency/Loss of Income fund.  In the case in this thread, that would be so you don't get desensitized moving money out of the Efund all the time, IMO.

      However, I do the same sweeping technique and put leftovers in my highest priority category at the end of the month, which could be the Efund. 

      I'll link a more detailed conversation regarding the two concepts in that other thread. 

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      Move Light Sound Life yes thanks, i did learn a lot there:

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