Need help with wrong credit card balances

I just transitioned to YNAB, my credit card beginning balances included payments I made on 8/14.  However, they didn't clear my bank until today.  When I did a "payment" to those credit cards, it actually decreased the balances of my credit cards, therefore crediting the same payment twice.   Since the beginning balance of the credit cards had already included the payments the balances are now off by the payment amount.  However, I need to take the payments out of my checking account as they hadn't cleared my bank account when i set up YNAB.


I'm unsure how to fix this, but I need to.  Any ideas?

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  • Can you change the starting balance on your credit card, increasing it by the amount you paid?

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  • Starting Balances do show up incorrectly every now and then but this doesn't necessarily indicate there will be any issues moving forward.

    Just wanted to leave a quick visual here - those starting balances can be edited manually by double clicking on it right in the account register.  :)

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