Need the Groups help again !!!

 As you can see the totals do not equal.... I obviously did something wrong but I am struggling on how to fix this... YIKES !!!!

I need to somehow add $38.00 (The Difference) to the "Buffer"

Please advise

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  • There's no problem that I see. The cash on hand is $10080.82 (see accounts). The total in the budget is Total Available plus To Be Budgeted = 7347.9+2732.92 = 10080.82.

    If you want $38 more dollars in the buffer category, then move it in there. The only "correct" value for To Be Budgeted is $0.

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  • From the text in your graphic, you seem to think the buffer category and To Be Budgeted should equal the amount in the Eva account. That's not how YNAB works. I suggest you change your mindset and stop synchronizing categories & accounts. Reading this (several times) may help:

    The Relationship Between Your Budget & Your Accounts

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  • As an aside, one potential issue is that you might have positive credit accounts (Capital One and Costco). If those are indeed credit accounts, their Payment category Available values should be $0 since you don't need to pay back your next $123 and $98 in purchases. 

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