Available cash to pay credit cards doesn't match account balance

I have only had this issue once before and I can't remember how I fixed it. But the green dollars (available cash to pay) for my credit card line in my budget is short. It's less than the total balance of my credit card. I've checked several times now for missing transactions, underfunded budget lines, etc. and I can't figure out how to reconcile. Anyone else had this issue? 

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  • Fix it by moving funds from elsewhere in the budget to the Payment category. Even if you figure out the cause, you'll still wind up shifting funds anyway.

    It's definitely not caused by missing transactions (which shouldn't be present if you've reconciled). The common causes are:

    • overspending (perhaps in a previous month)
    • outgoing transfers from the CC to a cash account (e.g., gift-card account, mixed funding splits or immediate reimbursements)
    • reimbursement adjustment transactions (basically uncategorized spending, so similar to overspending)
    • user action to remove funds from the Payment category (look for negative budget entries)
    • usually the #1 cause: failure to account for the missing balance (not the case here since it used to agree)
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