Automatic category for payee not updated when saving transactions through API

Usually, the workflow goes like this

1) A new transactions is imported from the bank with payee X

2) I approve the transaction through the YNAB App / Web UI and categorize it

3) The next time a new transaction with payee X gets imported, the category I assigned in step 2 gets set automatically. If I approve it with a different category, YNAB remembers that choice. Next time a transaction with payee X shows up, this new category is set.

I wrote an app that takes unapproved transactions and updates them (approved = true, set categoryId) through the PUT method of /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions/{transaction_id}

However, the category that gets set through this update call is not "remembered". The next time a transaction with the same payee shows up, it takes the "old" category again.

On the "Manage Payee" view of such a payee the field "Automatically categorize payee" is empty, even though the old category is still set when a transaction is imported:


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  • Beige Storm Are you passing a payee_ID when you are using the API? If you are, we wouldn't be triggering the payee renaming rules.

    Let me know if you have questions about that!

    • Chrissy I am not passing a payee_ID, only a payee name, which is never different from the original transactions. How would the renaming rules impact the automatic categorization?

      • Chrissy
      • YNAB Technical Support Manager
      • chrissy_ynab
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Beige Storm Currently, PAPI doesn't update the automatically categorize payee selection, but our developers are working on that and it should be available soon!

  • Hey Beige Storm ! Just wanted to let you know that we just released an update this week that should let you automatically categorize the payee selection now! But let us know if you're still having trouble!

    • Sarah (YNAB Support) That's awesome! I can confirm that it works as intended now 🙂

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