"Pending Transactions" - How to handle a situation

I used my credit card to pay for dinner at a restaurant.  I added a tip to my bill.  I entered the amount into my credit card register for the amount including the tip.  

This morning, the "pending transactions" feature was rolled out to me.  When I imported transactions for this credit card, it imported this particular restaurant transaction as a "pending transaction" for the amount BEFORE the tip.  So, now, I have two transactions in my account register for the same transaction but for different amounts.

Since I recognized these two items as being the same transaction, I clicked on them both and selected the "Match" option from the drop menu.  Both transactions were combined as one transaction ... but the amount displayed was the now the amount BEFORE the tip.  This, of course, is not correct.  I manually corrected the dollar amount of the transaction.

What is the proper way to handle this situation?  Leaving them alone now shows a second transaction for the same event but for a different amount, and matching them seems to select the incorrect amount.

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  • You have a couple choices. When you match, make sure the correct balance remains (one way to do that is to edit the pending transaction amount to the correct amount before matching). Or, delete the pending transaction since you already have it.

  • I don't have the functionality yet.  Can it be turned off completely?

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      Herman I think you just hide the pending section.

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  • I would delete the pending transaction. It's primarily there for those who don't enter manually in order to reduce the import lag (assuming it's for the correct amount). 

  • Hi Terry Bauer !

    Sorry for the trouble there! Superbone listed two options above, but I wanted to add a quick third. When that transaction clears and imports again from your bank (this time, with the cleared amount, so including tip) you can match them again. It'll take the newly imported amount, which should now be correct. I wouldn't leave the incorrect amount entered while waiting for the cleared amount to reimport, but wanted to point out YNAB will give you another chance to confirm and make sure the balance is correct.

    • Faness Oof, this creates a poor user experience. The user now has to be conscious that some pending transactions are to be ignored and not matched. 

    • Tan Yearling They can be matched, but the pending balance will be saved. When they're matched again, the posted balance will be saved. I understand this is another step and I appreciate you sharing this feedback! We're still keeping a close eye on this feature before releasing it to everyone.

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