Making the web app a real app

Are there any plans to make the web app fully featured ?


I instinctively hit apple-n the other day to create a new transaction and obviously nothing happened.

Also have right clicked a row to approve a linked transaction and just got a web page popup.


While I like YNAB a lot, the web app leaves a lot to be desired with respect to making it appear native to the platform it is running on.



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  • The web interface IS fully featured.  (Windows user here...)  Much better than the mobile app.

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  • I'm sorry it's not. It doesn't behave as I would expect on the platform I use.

    I would expect it to adapt to which platform it's running.


    In general I find web / electron apps very lacking in attention to detail.


    It's not always the case, take Visual Studio Code an electron app. It's hard not to tell it's not a native app.

  • In my opinion the web app, with the Toolkit for YNAB extension enabled, is about as fully featured as you can get, definitely more so than the apps, although they are catching up. Not behaving "as you would expect" doesn't make it not fully featured, just not to your liking. I would also say that the experience is governed more by the particular browser you use rather than the operating system, but again that's just a personal view.

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  • berksgr said:
    I instinctively hit apple-n the other day to create a new transaction and obviously nothing happened.

     Really? I would have expected that apple-n would cause a new browser window to open.  Did that not happen? Have you turned that hotkey off?   Why would you expect that it would cause any action within a web app when apple-n already has a function in the browser? 

    If I'm totally off base, let me know. Until now, I thought I had facility on both Macs and PCs.

  • I use YNAB in a tool that creates an app for a web app.

    But it's only the same as you can do on Chrome etc i.e. you see no browser chrome.


    But even in the browser I'd probably still try.

    • berksgr Interesting. Well, seeing as in most other apps, apple-n causes a new file (or document, or project, or window), if I tried to extrapolate that function to YNAB, I would expect apple-n to create a new budget. That's not really a thing you'll do all the time, so not really useful. 

      The Toolkit adds quite a few hotkeys (well, maybe keyboard shortcuts are a better name). I don't know if there's one for adding new transactions.  You could suggest it to them.  I also don't know if the extension would work in your alternate viewer.

  • Forgot the specifics of apple+n. Anything more native would be appreciated.

    A shortcut to add a new txn from anywhere etc regardless of modifier.

    Right click to get a popup menu with delete / approve etc

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      berksgr Right click has a YNAB specific context menu when on a transaction.

  • In budget it has something, in account it doesn't well at least for me.

    • berksgr Try using the Toolkit extension. I think the right click menu is a Toolkit thing. There are hotkeys for approving and clearing transactions, and you can change the enter behavior. I don't remember if there's one for new transactions, but the default YNAB automatically makes a new transaction upon entering the previous one.

    • Move Light Sound Life Toolkit is only in Chrome (AFAIK).  As a non-Mac user and non-techie, all I know is that Safari is native to Mac products - do they run Chrome as well?

  • berksgr It sounds like the core of your request is that you're wondering if YNAB will launch a desktop app vs. a web app - am I understanding that correctly? Our product team would be happy to chat through some of the specifics of what you're looking for, if you're up for getting in touch!

  • It was on the list when they first released the web version but it has since dropped off as far as I can tell. 

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