Difference betweeen moving money directly from sourceOfMoney->inflow:TBB versus indirectly via sourceOfMoney->Some-category->inflow:TBB

Wonder which approach to use when

some cases where there is inflow of money via refund/reimbursement/CC statement credit/random other income, 

I have seen sometimes we could either do

1.)Move money directly to inflow:TBB

2.)Move money to a specific category, and then move money out of that category and put into inflow:TBB


How does this affect the reports and which one would you recommend in any given scenario?

The most clear case of moving money Directly to Inflow:TBB, is when it is your salary/income.

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  • Money that is inflowed directly to a category appears in expenses section of reports as the opposite of spending. Generally, this should be reserved for refunds, rebates and reimbursments... these are the cases in which you want reported total spending to be offset by the money back.

    • nolesrule Point taken. Most likely will put money back to the same category it was taken out from. However, if i need to re-use those funds somewhere else, i will use the "move" functionality, so that reports are not messed up, and I can still have ability to re-use funds in some other category

  •  nolesrule  If refund/rebate/reimbursements occur in separate month as compared to purchase date, then those funds get pilled up on those categories. So, for such non-frequent transactions, we would still need to move it from source->some-category->inflow:tbb?

  • Hey Sky Blue Harp !

    In most cases, returns on credit cards can be categorized right back to their original spending category. Those dollars will automatically move from the Credit Card Payment category back to the spending category.  If you spent $100.00 on clothes, and returned $25.00—it's offset, and the remaining $75.00 is what shows on your report.

    Inflows to credit cards like statement credits or cash back, will be categorized as Inflow: To be Budgeted. It reduces the balance of the credit card, and reflects what happened in real life: the credit is applied, and account balance is reduced. It will show as income in your reports, under the payee you entered.

    For either one, if you have more money Available than you need in the Credit Card Payment or spending category—you can move money elsewhere. The two articles above have visuals on what it looks like in your budget!

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    • Nicole makes sense, thank you!

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