Reconcile helped find CC refund

So, back in April I got caught in a scam, and tried to purchase something for $158.00.  I realized shortly thereafter that it was a scam, and contacted my CC to cancel the card, and get a new card, as well as reported the transaction as "fraudulent".  I was very open and gave full disclosure to the CC company that I had indeed personally conducted the transaction, but that it had been a scam, and delivery had not happened, so I hoped they'd still provide the refund, since the company was no longer reachable.  (they vanished in the night, including their website)

Anyway, that was a while ago, and I've already had my new card for a while, and done several account reconciliations, and I had kind of given up hope that the CC company would give me my money back.  Last night I was trying to reconcile my account, and it was off by $160.10.  I went through everything double checking and triple checking, and hadn't missed anything.  I gave up last night, but continued my search this morning.

I finally found a transaction for $2.10 that I had manually entered on this CC instead of another card I was using during that time. After I fixed that transaction, it brought down the amount owed to $158.  Some how that number stuck in my head, so I did a little searching, and remembered that was the amount of the fraudulent charge.  So I went back to the CC statement, and didn't see any refund, so I went back to the previous statement, and still nothing.  Then I went back one more, and there it was, sitting right beside the initial charge, on April 5th, ...a refund for $158.00.

So YAY for being able to search in YNAB for a specific transaction amount, and yay for regular reconciling so I knew I was up to date within a few days...  But really, why the heck did they date the refund back in April instead of whenever it actually happened?  That was very confusing and annoying.  But at least I found it.  So now I've got that money back, and can use that category for what it was meant for.

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