What's next for YNAB?

With many of the updates that have been worked on having been released, my wife and I are wondering what's next. There's hasn't been any major new features for a while (except goal improvements). 

I checked https://www.youneedabudget.com/up-next/ but am disappointed there's no significant features being worked on.

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  • You're not excited about keyboard navigation?! 😜

  • I am a bit anti new features when it comes to financial software. (Not always, still want to be able to print my budget YNAB). But as an accountant and a longtime Quicken and Quickbooks user, I found that sometimes the software was trying too hard to be all things to all people.  A good solid software program that works and does what you need is all you really need and want for a financial package. Once that is nailed, then and only then would I recommend seeing what other opportunities are there for new features. 

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