Capital One is now no longer importing transactions....will the problems ever end?

What a journey we all have been on.

From having to reconnect once a day to then needing to re enter your credentials everyday we are now at a place where Capital One won't import transactions at all.

I've followed all trouble shooting steps and have submitted a ticket.

My concern is that I continue to see the endless post about how your direct import partner is working things out. However, this has been going on for over a year now. I continue to see complaints and complaints from all Capital One users. Can we please receive some  transparency about what's actually going on?

This has become very frustrating for me as I run all of transactions through my Capital One card. 

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  • Sorry for the trouble! We're having quite a few issues with Capital One at the moment and I can't say for certain when they'll be resolved. We're keeping our status page updated but, if you haven't already, please report a Bank Importing Issue and our Direct Import Team can take a look at your account connections to check for any alternatives.

  • I hear ya! My Capital One checking and savings accounts last updated 5 days ago, and there has been plenty of bank activity since then.  

    I came here looking to see if there was a way to manually connect/import, since it is a linked account. Is there?

    And, yes, it is quite annoying to have to enter your user name and password....wait for a text..enter a code...wait for another text...enter the code...Every. Time.

  • I'm in the same exact situation. Very, very frustrating. I haven't been able to Direct Import in well over a month and a half. This is so frustrating because this is one of my favorite features of YNAB.

  • I don't know which is worse - the inability to import - or importing the credit card transactions incorrectly.  All of my transactions are being imported as payments (inflows) and are not matching to anything!  

    I just un-linked my account and am not sure what to do next besides wait for the support team again. This is the 2nd time around - the first time I was unable to connect at all.  

    This is extremely frustration as I use my Capital One credit card for everything and it never balances.  

  • ME TOO! I'm looking into alternatives but thinking this is a Capital One issue not allowing 3rd parties to connect... not just YNAB / PLAID? 

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