payments from checking account coming over as inflow

I am a newbie. On my third refreshed budget in 3 weeks.  I just imported 3 transactions from my checking account. They are categorized correctly. But, they show as inflows instead of outflows. When I use the drop down I don't see away to correct this.

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  • 1. Double-click the inflow field of a transaction, cut that to the clipboard, and paste in the outflow column.

    2. Unlink this account, as Import is clearly screwing things up. Manual entry is more up to date, anyway.

    3. Report this as an Import Issue, link on the right side of the main support page.

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  • Welcome to YNAB, YNAB Gail B ! We can definitely help with this. I see you wrote in via email, and I sent you a quick reply with a few questions. We'll continue there!

  • I have the same thing but I DO NOT want to unlink this as it is my MAIN bank account. it gets everything else right... 

    • Hi Not1Lost ! If those outflows are importing as inflows, we can help sort it out! When you have a chance, can you fill out this bank issue form? Our team will be happy to look closer.

  • Thank You so much for your quick response. However I have found another similar post on here (handy forum) and got it straightened out quickly and actually simply! Thanks again

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