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I've read on previous posts that YNAB syncs once or twice a day.  That is NOT my experience.  At best its every other day, at worst, longer.

Is there something I need to do to enable a more frequent sync?

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  • Yes, you need to work it out with support:

    Report a Bank Importing Issue

    All of my linked accounts are always synced within 8 hours. I just went through this process with one trouble account that started acting up a couple weeks ago. Working with support, we were able to get it fixed.

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  • I noticed this with my bank as well.  I can link to it and it says it's good but it doesn't show anything to import.

    I will have to download the transactions and import them manually.

    • VoltaicShock Thanks for writing in about those missing transactions. Our team will be in touch soon!

  • It surprises me how many users are content to work around these issues rather than work with support and get them fixed.

  • Superbone

    I've tried to work with support and have only gotten the "use manual import" response. My Capital One accounts have not updated in 16 days. The only thing I have yet to do is ask to swap to MX instead of Plaid.

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    • Hey Orchid Device ! Our team will evaluate to see if a switch makes sense for your mix of connections when you write in. It looks like you're connected to several, and I'm thinking that it wasn't the best move. We'd be happy to walk through the specifics and go over the options! Reply to that last email, and we'll go from there. 🙂

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    • Nicole Thanks! I've done so. 

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    • VoltaicShock Orchid Device i’m having the same issue with Bank of America.
      The link is successful but no transactions come over     I have submitted  a Problem report to YNAB ...

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  • I've requested a manual sync feature, but have only been told "great idea" and nothing more. My primary bank often goes up to 24 hours, even if I log out and back in manually... no update! I currently have my wife's Amazon account sitting at 5 days since last import, even though we know there are transactions that have cleared since.

    We've tried to make YNAB and our budget in general part of our daily routine... but we're not great at things that are tedious, and without the auto-sync, this is becoming exactly that. I realize some of it lies with the financial institutions we work with, but when I'm able to retrieve my account info through other apps without issue, that tells me that it's YNAB as well. I hate to be "that guy" that threatens to leave, but seriously, bank sync is a feature that's advertised and support tells us it works a certain way... it's not what I need without the sync, so... 

    It's sad, because when it does sync as it should, it's brilliant for how we use it.

    • Coral Robot It is all of my Amazon transactions that are killing me; I find it  to  to match My order $ against their line item billing$.  Anyway,  My particular sync issue was with Bank Of America (although the YNAB Status page reported that BofA was working for 98% of folks).  I submitted an online troubleshooting report to YNAB and they fixed it today. Each of my three  troublesome accounts with BofA popped up with a (new to me) YNAB button that said something like “this Acct need an update”.   It worked, happily for me.  Having a manual sync feature would be really helpful for sure.   

    • Coral Robot Our CPO Todd recently answered a similar question about on-demand updates in the Upcoming Changes to Direct Import thread, if you'd like a little more detail.

      That Amazon connection missing transactions for 5+ days does sound unusual. You can report the bank issue here, and our team would be happy to check on it for you!

  • Another day, another account that won't sync. THis time, it's Scotiabank and PC Financial.


    I dont' have time to email support all the time with the info they want. I don't have time for htis not to work. I am THIS close to scrapping my account entirely and finding another alternative. 


    If nothing syncs, then why dion't I jsut use a spreadsheet for free??

    • Maroon Android Thanks for writing in! Our importing team will be in touch about those connections. Those details can help us narrow things down. There are a lot of moving parts, and connection issues do pop up—but we want those as reliable as possible too!

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