Fresh Start or Start Over?

I've been really happy and have been using YNAB for approximately 5 years.  Unfortunately I have never reconciled my accounts and statements so the balance showing is probably way off.  Do you recommend totally starting over or fresh start?  If so, how do I do this with the current balance in my checking account, etc?  Thanks in advance.

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  • There is no real difference other than losing your historic transactions in the working budget -- undesirable in my book. (They are archived in a different budget.) I actually think a Fresh Start is more work, as many of your categories are probably where they need to be. 

    I suggest you mark everything cleared (unless you know it hasn't cleared the bank) and reconcile to the current balances, and make any adjustment transaction needed. Repeat for all accounts.

    Deal with the budget as a second step. TBB should be $0 when you're done and no categories should be red. Always move funds from the lowest priority categories. That sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised. It's actually understanding your relative priorities that is the hardest part about all of this!

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  • I like doing a fresh start now and then!

    Fresh starts are a useful (and dare I say invigorating?) way for seasoned YNABers to see their money with new eyes. They offer you the opportunity to shed your old budget, like a snake sheds its old skin, to reveal the newest, healthiest version buried beneath.

    You can always find your old transactions in the bank app. It's surprising how few times I look at them anyway.

  • I'm still confused.  I think I just need to start over.  Is there a video I can watch on how to start over?  I've never understood the statement reconciliation function so I haven't used it.  I just mark every transaction as cleared.  I know the amount reflected in my budget is off.  I need help.  

  • Hello - thank you for the input.  Super helpful and I'm on may way.  I hope you have a super weekend!

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