Credit Card - Past Debt Question

I just paid both of my credit cards and am wondering where those expenses will show up on the reports, as this is my first month using YNAB.


One of the cards I can just pay the statement balance each month, but the other one I had to pay more since a loan is tied to that card. I realize that I have to move more money to my Credit Card Payment Category to get that zero and cover the extra "Overspending" there since what was available for payment there would not have included that extra loan expense.


When I look at the reports though, i'm not sure where that would show up if it ever shows up to explain away that loss of funds. Does YNAB just consider that me paying off past debt and it will not show up in any of the reports as an actual "Expense"? If so, is there no way that I can see that I am actually paying that loan off each month (~$230), or would I have to try and split that transaction to show the loan part in another category and the rest would just be the normal credit card?


I would appreciate any help someone could provide. 


Thank you.

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  • The primary report you can use is Net Worth.

    Spending occurs when you swipe the card and not when you pay your CC statement. Therefore, that debt reduction does not appear on the Expense report.

    Does your credit card account balance include  the loan amount? If so, that "spending" would be wrapped up in the starting balance transaction.

    If the loan is separate, then you can split your payment. One split would be a transfer to the CC account, and a second would be a categorized outflow against a Loan Repayment category. (That would also be where you budget for that additional amount.)

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