Health insurance reimbursement question

hi, still new to this--

Background: I have supplemental health insurance that reimburses me (up to) 80% but I have to pay the provider 100% up front. I batch my insurance claims two or three times a year rather than sending each one in, and of course there is lag time between submitting my claim and getting my check.

Also: I check my checking account balance separately from  YNAB, so I may have some flexibility in how I use the software

Question: Should I "spend" the entire amount (100%)  that I pay the provider or just the final co-pay (20%) even though reimbursement check won't come in during the current month (or next)?

Thanks everyone

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  • The best and easiest solution is for you to make sure you have enough available in the category to cover 100% of the cost. When the reimbursement comes in, categorise to the same category so that then you know how much you have actually spent in this category.

    If the available in the category is too high after the return, move to another category. Or just leave it there to cover for the next medical expense.

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  • I would add every single outflow and inflow for these expenses, categorizing them to the same category. Like Ceeses recommends, it's best to cover the full cost on the budget side, and then move money out when you are reimbursed.

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  • Another vote for basically pretending you will never get reimbursed, then when you do it just gets assigned to cover the next medical expense. This is the cleanest/safest way to do it.

  • thanks everyone

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