UK family budget - family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids)

Hello! We are looking at emigrating to the UK, but I am at a loss on how to set up a budget. Does anyone have a draft budget that they would be willing to share with me? Especially interested in food, transport, water, council tax. I do understand that it varies a lot regionally but it would really help me to have a starting point. x

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  • Just to clarify, you already use YNAB in the US and you're just looking for an example of expat living expenses in the UK?

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      CPA Budgeter Hi, I use YNAB in South Africa :) I absolutely love it. Emigration is daunting, but the  idea of pre-setting up a budget so I can have a good idea of how much I need to earn and how much I can afford on accommodation etc. gives me comfort. Have been using YNAB coming up 3 years now and it has been truly lifechanging.

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  • Got it. Wasn’t sure because your profile name says “Noob Budgeter”. 😊

    I don’t have anything else to offer but you might want to clarify which city because that will be a big factor in budgeting.

  • Well budget is kind of a bummer as well but i think you should know that by now. That is an easy feat that we all need to come up with since there is no way that we can do that now.

  • I know this isn't a ynab budget but I still use Excel to forecast. Some months we need to spend more and some we get extra money and I like to be able do rough forecasts! But it might be helpful for you to see.


    We have further 'savings' goals but our annual costs come out of that money; including car insurance (£150), home insurance(£120), pet insurance. (£100)


    Hope it helps! 


    We live in a quite expensive part of the South West.

  • I'm in the UK but no kids so my figures are probably not going to be that helpful.

    Also as you say there are massive regional differences and on council tax in particular these differences can be really local. Band D council tax in my borough is £839.10 per annum. Move a mile and the same band is £1,958.66. This gives you the figures for the most expensive boroughs and the cheapest so would at least give you a range:

    Do you know whether you intend to be city, town or country based? And how close to work do you intend to live? Transport costs vary widely depend on these decisions and public transport availability. 

    PS I rent in London currently so am crying at how low Forest Green Sander's mortgage is in comparison.

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