Weird money allocation issue

Terrible subject line, sorry for that.  I have been using YNAB for quite some time and have ran into an issue that is driving me crazy.  I am sure this is just something dumb I am doing but cannot figure out what's going on.  I will try to explain this best I can.

I get paid exactly 2 times each month, on the 5th and on the 20th.  On my 20th paycheck, it is quite frequent that a portion of those funds will go to the next months budget.  For example, today, on the 20th, I entered my entire paycheck and allocated funds to my various categories.  When I do this, I will change over to the next month, in this case, February and allocate some of the funds to the categories there.  Did I do this wrong?  When I entered the transaction on the January page for my paycheck, should I only have put what I intended to budget for January, then add the remaining to Feb?  I have never done this in the past, so am guessing this was not the issue?

Here is the problem.

I went through the process of giving all of my money a job and got the 'To Be Budgeted' down to 0 on the January budget page.  I then went over to Feb and noticed the 'To Be Budgeted' was showing -$35.10.  So, I figured I must have over-budgeted in Jan based on what I also put in Feb so I adjusted my budget in Feb and took $35.10 away from one of my categories.  Then, back in Jan, I showed a positive amount for 'To Be Budgeted' back up to $35.10.  So I went ahead and added this to one of my categories and when looking at Feb again, I'm negative $35.10 again.  

I am in this weird flip/flop between Jan and Feb where I cannot get them both to reconcile to 0 for 'To Be Budgeted'.  If I change one, the other moves in the opposite direction resulting in one be 0 and the other being negative/positive.

What am I doing wrong here?



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  • It sounds like you have overspending in January. Look for red numbers in the Available column.

  • I show no overspending (red numbers) in either January or February.  The only red that shows up is that now in Feb, the 'To Be Budgeted' shows red (-$35.10).  and if I correct it, then it goes green / 0 and back on Jan, it will show a surplus of $35.10.

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      Turquoise Drum I really think this issue means you have overspending in January. Check hidden categories and credit card payments categories, too. Did you have any returns on a credit card that happened after you submitted a payment? That can result in "overspending" because YNAB thinks you overpaid your card.

  • Someone will likely come along and explain it better than me but you if you have money in January and you put it in February it will come out of your TBB in Jan.  

    If you have cleared out February budget, does it still show an overbudget in January?

    You have two options I think:

    1. Put money in those categories in January and just know you can't touch it and let it roll over into February.

    2. Create a special category header of "Money to be distributed to next months budget" or whatever you like to get the point across. Put that money in that category with that 2nd check and then when Feb 1 hits, move that money to whatever category you need it to go in. Do that again with the second check in Feb and so on.  

    The software isn't really designed to have you budget into upcoming months.  

  • On a computer, look at the header for February. Does it say you have overspending in January??  If so fix that overspending and all will be well. 

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  • Hi Turquoise Drum !

    It definitely sounds like there's overspending in a hidden category in January. If not, would you mind if we took a closer look at things? If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead. :)

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