How do I import transactions manually on my mobile apps

My main checking account doesn't work using direct imports anymore due to security issues.  I have no issues direct importing using my laptop but would like to import using my IPad.  Only way I've been able to do it is to force my IPad to load YNAB on Safari but I'd like to use the app.  

Another question, how do I get the 'activity' column in the budget to show on my iphone version of the app,  It shows on my IPad but not IPhone,  I use the column to verify what payments I've made and have left to make.



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  • Hi Tony !

    Direct import should take place automatically in the mobile app. When you see a red dot on the Accounts tab at the bottom, you’ll know you have transactions ready to import - tap there and a banner should appear telling you how many transactions are ready to import and giving you the option to 'View' them.

    Currently, there isn't a way to show the Activity column on a phone, due to the screen size. You can still view the activity for a month by tapping on that category, then tapping the Details button and selecting Activity for JAN (this will change depending on the month you're in). 

    • Faness Hi there, thanks for the feedback but the issue is that I cannot use direct (automatic) importing with my primary bank due to security issues.  I need to do it manually and don't see a way to do that on the mobile app.  I can do it no problem on the web version (i.e. on my laptop).  Is there a way or am I SOL on the mobile version?

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      Tony McConnon I believe you can only do manual import on the web version, not the mobile version.

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    • mamster  thanks, I was afraid that was the case.  You guys shouldn’t make it that difficult to access the web version on mobile devices then.

    • Tony McConnon Sorry for the trouble, mamster is correct. Currently, manual imports can only be done from the web app and the web app isn't suited for mobile browsers. Some users are able to use the "Request Desktop" option on mobile browsers, but the display and functionality are compromised. We're steadily working on improvements! You can let our development team know what you'd like to see going forward by submitting a Feature Request. :)

  • I'm in the same situation as Tony. I was discouraged that my bank won't support automatic imports in the first place but this problem is really compounded by not being able to do a manual import on my phone. I don't even HAVE a home PC anymore as there are very few things that can't be done via mobile devices.  

    I wanted to back Tony's point that the dev team should prioritize this functionality. It's very easy for me to download exports from my bank on my phone but I can't get them into ynab. I still love ynab but this would be a nice quality of life improvement as i currently can only update my budget at work in front of my coworkers :(

    • We appreciate your feedback, Pink Python ! I understand how that can be tough, especially as more folks go mobile or tablet only. If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request to let our product team know you'd like to see that option?

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