Confused by colors


I'm 34 days into YNAB and I'm getting it slowly

I had money at the end of January so I put it towards paying some early February categories. But now I'm confused why some categories are orange.   Here is an example...

Dining OutEdit


Cash Left Over From January $128.43
 Budgeted This Month +$172.00
 Cash Spending $0.00
 Credit Spending $0.00






Goal Target: $300.00

Budgeted Last Month: $300.00

Spent Last Month: $171.57

Average Budgeted: $300.00

Average Spent: $171.57

Set Available Amount to $0.00

Reset Budgeted Amount




To go


Budget $128.00 more to reach your $300.00 monthly goal.


Why would this category be orange? Isn't the above showing that I funded that category?

Thanks, sue

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  • You already had $128.43 left over from January sitting in the account.  You didn't budget it.  You only budgeted $172.00.  So you still need to budget $128.00 to reach your $300.00 monthly goal.  

    I'm guessing that you are probably happy with the balance being $300, and you don't want to budget more to that category... this is one of the 'problems' (or perhaps quirks) of goals.

    You could use the "Target Balance" goal instead, but every time you spend from the category it will turn Orange to alert you that your balance is less than your target balance.  

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      Karen Harris I'm pretty sure the Target Balance goal type never turns orange, because it doesn't know what your deadline is for funding the goal. So it might work well in this case.

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    • mamster Oh.  I thought that the Target Balance turned Orange if you didn't have what your goal was in there.  So if you were trying to keep $300 in there at all times, if you dropped below $300, it would turn Orange.  

      I don't use that one very often, so... I could definitely be wrong.

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    •  Ha ha!  Just tried it.  Yep.  I'm wrong.  Well hey, at least I learned something new!

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      Karen Harris Oh, I had to try it to make sure, too!

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    Monthly funding goal is based on the number in the Budgeted column every month.

    The other goals are target Balance, which looks at the Available column, and Target Balance by Date, which tells you how much you have to fund per month to hit the target by the specified date.

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  • Hi Sue! Reilly

    Welcome to You Need A Budget! Slow and steady is the way to go!

    A Monthly Funding goal asks you to budget that amount each month. You chose $300, and so far have budgeted $172.00 in February. When you add the additional $128.000, you would meet the goal and it would change from orange to green, or you can change the type! Take a look at that link above for the differences between each goal type.

    When the month rolls over, positive amounts in your Available column will carry over—building up the amount in your category.

    We do have an article that covers the meaning of each color and icon in your budget too! So you can learn a little more about what those mean.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you still have questions. I’m happy to help!

  • In the future you could click forward to February and start funding there so your February goals will be met. 

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