Enter through "BUDGETED" column

Do you guys remember in YNAB4 when budgeting we could start at the top and enter through to each budgeted field for each category, assigning dollars as we went, only using the keypad? I miss that so much.

Can we still do that in nYNAB? I have tried CTL+down arrow and a number of other commands to no avail. Checked the YNAB Toolkit and its not a feature there. Haven't been able to find it in the forums but wanted to check before I submit a feature request.

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  • In  nYNAB I can manually type in my entire budget one cell at a time by clicking into the top most category, using the number pad, and using the down arrow to get to the next line's budget cell.

    If you prefer to work from the bottom up, the up arrow will get you into the budget cell of the next category up.

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  • You mean you want to type a budget amount in a category and click a key and go to the next category down to enter the next budget amount, right?

    I do that using tab. I use chrome, dont know if that makes any difference.

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  • Tobias Thank you! Tab worked. I have no idea why I tried CTL+down arrow but not tab!!! LOL

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  • Hi Courtney Lane !

    It looks like you got your answer! We do have several keyboard shortcuts. Here's the full list!

    If you'd like us to add to that, definitely fill out a Feature Request and let our development team know what else you'd like to see there! 😀

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