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I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere as I've been looking in the forums and online but haven't found the right answer yet.  I'm new to YNAB and have been diving deep into blogs and videos, etc...but not sure how to handle this one item with credit cards.  And maybe I'm just overthinking this but...I linked my credit card account on January 30 but the statement closing date is January 27 so any purchases in that three day period are not accounted for by YNAB but they are transactions that would affect my February budget as my family does all our shopping via credit cards.  I'd like to add that we pay off each month as well.  Do I need to manually enter those charges into February so my budget is accurate?  Is this something that I'll need to do each month to cover the few days between statement closing date and new charges?   Thank you for any assistance. 

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  • Yes, you're overthinking it. The money should be in Jan's budget, because the actual outflow is in Jan. If the transactions don't get into YNAB until Feb because you're waiting on import to do your data entry, it's no big deal because unused money carries forward into Feb.

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    • dakinemaui thanks that makes perfect sense.  definitely over thinking it. 

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  • Hi Forest Green Filly !

    When you linked your account on January 30th, did you budget to pay for your starting balance in full? Transactions that took place before you linked the account are accounted for in your starting balance, so budgeting for that starting balance covers those transactions.

    That’s what lets the budget know you plan to take some of the money you have and use it to pay off that existing balance. Here’s a video explaining how this works. :)

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