Managing a credit card with a balance, while still using

Help!  I am new to YNAB and am pulling my hair out trying to get this system to work for our family.  The credit cards are driving me nuts.  All I can find to discuss this just keeps repeating the same thing "when you use your credit card it automatically moved $ from your budget to cover the payment."  yes, yes, yes, I understand that. 

But... the card I have imported (or linked to our budget) has a balance on it, but a balance that we are paying in full by the due date from our savings.  But we are continuing to use the card.  This high balance on the card is putting us in the red on our budget and I can't figure out how to separate out the "old" balance, with the new spending that we would like to cover with our budget.  Since the card is linked to the account, YNAB keeps factoring in this high balance into our budget.  I've watched videos on YouTube and YNAB and this is still not really working out.  With so much in the red, the rest of the budget is fairly meaningless.  I hope someone can help me!  (I've attached a screen shot of our budget that might be helpful to see).  

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  • You are riding the credit card float. You need to budget for the starting balance on your card so that your payment available amount is the exact amount needed to pay the entire balance on your card.

  • Thanks Noles- so I need to get the $ from savings into my budget to show that the payment is covered.  And what do you do in the situation that you don't have the $ in your budget?  You just go red until you can cover?  

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      Tomato Tugboat You definitely need to have your savings account on budget.  If you don't have the money to cover the full balance you budget to the CC what you can and when you pay the bill you pay whatever is available in that CC's category.  You'll be truly paid in full when your CC's available balance equals the running balance on the card at any given time (opposite neg and positive signs).

    • Annieland Thanks for your help with this!  

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