To Be Budgeted Wrong

Hello, a few things I am ok at with YNAB, these include reconiling my bank accounts so the totals are correct.  I like adding the immediate obligations.


However I find it almost impossible to trust my budget as it's never correct.I  don't understand why maths was never my strong point.


So my "To Be budgeted is wrong" curretnly it says -£840.26.

\See below:

+£726.50. -Funds for Dec

−£75.92 - Overspent in Nov

−£1,490.84 -Budgeted in Dec

−£0.00  -Budgeted in Future


First point I have already allocated  some of the- £1,490.84  so how can this figure be correct?

Intrestingly the YNAB app  if I click on accounts on my mobile says Budget -£447.55


Confused me

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  • You have allocated money to categories that you don't have, as evidenced by the negative To Be Budgeted value. Your category Available amounts are meaningless.

    Reduce budget values until TBB is back up to $0 and things will make much more sense.

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  • Sky Blue Hail, dakinemaui is right.  The total of your on budget account balances should be equal to the money budgeted in your categories + To Be Budgeted.  If you have budgeted all the money in your account balances, To Be Budgeted will be zero.

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