Imported Starting Balance for Credit Card

I migrated from old ynab, i had a starting balance back in the days, however in old ynab there is no credit card payments, after migration, all the credit card items are moved to credit card payments category, except the starting balance still stay in old category "credit card" which was created by me, how to fix that?

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  • Change the category of the  starting balance transaction to "To Be Budgeted". (It will not actually show up in the To Be Budgeted area of the budget.)

    Search for that category you created to see if any other transactions come up (e.g., interest). If there are any, hide the category. Otherwise, delete it.

  • Make sure you fix up the Payment category in the current month. You should set it to the difference between the account balance and the debt category balance you had in YNAB4. If the debt category was $0 (paid-in-full status), budget to make the new Payment category cover the entire account balance.

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