Clear import_id of deleted transaction

Hello! I'm trying to create my own integration between YNAB and my bank (which isn't supported by YNAB). I'm using the REST endpoints.

I created a YNAB transaction, and I set the import_id to match the transaction ID from my bank. But I made a mistake, so I deleted the transaction in YNAB to try again.

Now, when I try to recreate the transaction from my bank, I get a 409 error saying that the import_id already exists. So I figured I can just update the deleted transaction to clear the import_id. However, when I try to update the deleted transaction, I get a 404. This apparently leaves me stuck with a permanently unusable import ID.

Is there any way to clear the import_id of a deleted transaction?

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  • I ran into a similar problem when I was working on an integration.  I didn't find a solution, so I worked around it by adjusting the format of the import ID (meaning further import IDs were different and thus treated as new by the YNAB API).

  • Hi Violet Hammerhead ,

    Each imported transaction does need to have a unique import_id, even if the transaction is deleted. We have a way on our end to restore deleted transactions, but that functionality is reserved to a select technical support team at YNAB--it's not available through the API at this time.  The best way to move forward is to manually enter that transaction, or as mentioned, adjust the import_id. 

    I can definitely pass along your request as feedback for our API, though! 

    Thanks so much. 

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