Goals set as "Target By Date" are confusingly represented

Hi everyone,

I set a goal to save 2,500 for an estimated tax bill (separate problem, let's stay on topic :) )

I started in October, and I set the target to January, 2020. 

Now, in the UI, it shows this goal as January 1st, 2020, despite it not allowing you to set the day.

Starting in October, each month, YNAB tells me to set aside $625. So for October I set aside 625, November I set aside 625, and December I set aside 625.

According to YNAB, I should be on pace to save 2,500 by January 1st, 2020.

But that's ridiculous! I'm short 625 because YNAB simultaneously wants two things: it wants me to save by January 1st, 2020, but it also counts January as one of the months I use to save, so it divided 2500 by 4. I don't get my paycheck on January 1st, and in addition I get two through the month.

If YNAB sets the goal date to the start of the month, then clearly it seems that the target month should NOT count towards the number of months used to save.

Either we should be allowed to set the specific day to target (or even just start, middle, end of month) or YNAB should remove the day (just say Save 2,500 by January, 2020).

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    Tagging Faness and Matthew ... This is definitely a UI issue with the recently redesigned goal screen. The goal itself has always counted the terminal month in calculating the monthly contribution and this visual is, as you've discovered, seriously misleading. 

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  • Yes, the goal shouldn't put a day at all. YNAB expects you to budget in the final month prior to the outflow. It's up to you to set that final month accordingly, depending on when you budget that category.

      • Phillip
      • philkrie
      • 10 mths ago
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      dakinemaui sure, that's fine. I think there needs to be clarity around that. Perhaps removing the day and rephrasing as "Save $2,500 through January 2020"

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  • Hi Phillip ! Thanks for your insight here. I see how that specific date text can be confusing! The goal is asking you to budget the remaining $312.50 for December, and then $625.00 in January.

    Our team is still doing research and laying the framework for potential goal updates to come—and might have jumped the gun there. We're not done yet! 😉I've passed your feedback on to our product team, to let them know that text could use some clarification. If you have other suggestions, you can submit a Feature Request.

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