Newbie - Still Confused

Just getting started. Have all my categorizes setup. One major bank account. I think I should start over because all of my transactions from my bank account have already been paid, so now it's a new month and when I import them in it looks like I over spent and to fix the over spending the system wants me to double the budget. 

Somehow I'm just not getting how to do this. Should I just ignore the transactions that will take me off the budget if they've already been paid?  I'm usually good with technology but I wish I could work with a person one on one. Is that possible to pay for a coach to help me over the hump?

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  • How did you import all these already-paid transactions?

    I would just delete them if they were already included in your starting balance.

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  • There are free web classes with an instructor that might be of benefit.

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      Yes thank you I’ve been watching videos and will check out the instructor lead classes I’ve been on one but I now I’m in the weeds I was just starting.

  • If YNAB imports all those already paid transactions, then just click on "Reject" and they will be deleted! If you already Accepted those transactions, then just go ahead and delete them!

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  • Hi Dona — I’m happy to help! It looks like you did a Fresh Start back in December?

    Is your account balance  in the left column correct in YNAB? If not, follow this process to compare the transactions with your bank, and reconcile your account. The account balance is controlled by transactions you enter and/or import, so it's really important that those line up.

    There are a few things that happen when the month rolls over, one is that your budgeted amounts are reset to $0. The Budgeted column contains the money you've budgeted this month. Usually, you'll budget for a bill each month. Have the January transactions been budgeted for yet?

    • And just so you know, you can reach out to our team any time for one-on-one support!

      In the web app, click the question mark near the bottom right of your budget, select Send a Message. In the mobile app, tap the Help icon on the bottom right, then scroll down and tap Message Us.

  • Thank you I’m watching the reconciliation videos now I setup one more account after several tries. 


    Think some of the difficulties is with the terminology which I know I’ll get used to.

    iI actually hired a coach for Tuesday but I’m still trying to get things done before then and figure out as much as I can.

    It seems like it’s really different on the iPhone then on the web desktop version so I’m going to spend some time on the desktop version. Really appreciate the help on this forum thank you! 

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