API for Net Worth (Balances by Account by Month)?

I want to receive my net worth by account by month via YNAB's API (to load onto a Google sheet) - in the UX, I can go to "Reports" --> "Net Worth" and export that exact information (EOM balances by account by month). 


I don't see any API calls that would get me the same information. 

  • /budgets/{budget_id} provides balances by account
  • /budgets/{budget_id}/months/{month} provides balances by category by month (and only provides it one month at a time)


Any thoughts or guidance here? 

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  • Hi there! Right now there's no specific API calls for EOM balances, but I can definitely pass your request along! In addition this endpoint:


    Does include the account balance, so if you wanted to set your Google Sheet up to pull just on the last day of the month, you could likely use that to grab the account balances.

    Let me know if you have any questions about that! 

  • Thanks, Chrissy! I'll probably just keep pulling it manually for now. Please keep me posted if you create a call for this. 

  • Any chance this is going to be added? Would be very helpful

    • Hi Cadet Blue Commander !

      I don't see where this is mentioned on our Up Next page, so I don't believe it's in the works. You can submit a Feature Request to let our team know you'd still like to see this option! :)

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