Support of tags?

There are transactions that happen every so often. An example of this would be Education expenses. Currently this might come out of several categories (Splurge, Education Books, Education Fees, Savings, etc). It would be great if transactions could support "Tags". This way I could choose to add tags to items I need to track later. I think this type of feature could really expand on the capabilities and be really useful.

  • Tax Time Scenarios
  • Tracking/Tracability
  • Provide granularity when multiple aspects dip into same category (Splurge Fund, Savings, etc)

Has anyone suggested this? Is this a black hole request? Thanks

Here is a made up example: We go on vacation and my daughter buys something as a souvenir that actually is going to be used for school and qualifies as a tax deduction. The funds will be removed from the Vacation Fund but later I want to be able to group this into Education expenses for tax purposes. A tag would allow a report later to be run which shows me all of the items tagged.

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  • For transparency to the community, I've submit a new feature request, since it's been pretty silent for over a year.  For those who are interested but haven't already, please pitch in your thoughts on this thread and hit follow.  Maybe it will help to have a request like this publicly documented?


    Support tagging transactions when adding them. I think this has been fairly well discussed here: I'm really interested in hearing something meaningful back from YNAB. It would even be fine if you said this goes against your philosophy and you'll never implement it. At least we know where you stand.

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    • Joe Cool +1 for multiple arbitrary tags per transaction and the ability to filter on the same in reports.

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