Matching Outgoing Payment to Two Incoming Liability Payments

I make one student loan payment, but on the loan side it gets divided into Group A and Group B of my loans. The amount to each group can vary payment to payment. Is there a way to match the transaction so it knows the outgoing payment from my checking is also the two incoming payments to my student loans?

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  • It's not the worst thing ever if I just have to accept them all as-is, but YNAB has surprised me with its cleverness several times now so I figured I'd check.

  • How do you have the loans set up in YNAB, if you do? 

  • I linked them to my financial institution (Nelnet) as liabilities to track. On that end it was two separate accounts, so I added them both as Nelnet A and Nelnet B.

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      Maroon Rain Excellent. Then this is very straightforward. What you'll do is create a split transaction for the outflow. The top line of the split is the outgoing transaction from your account, and the two splits are incoming transactions to each loan account. You do the transfers to the loan accounts in the payee, not the category (though you'll select the split in the category section.) It looks like this: 

      Put the transaction in as a scheduled transaction ahead of it importing from the bank, and when it imports, it will match and automatically record the split. If you put this in as a recurring transaction, you can edit the amounts without having to recreate the split every single time. 

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    •  Awesome! Thank you!

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