credit card payment from an untracked account

I have a credit card that is paid out of two accounts:  one is tracked and the other is not.  The credit card handles the tracked account fine but the untracked account seems more problematic.  It forces me to pick a category and I usually use the to be budgeted category.  The amount I have to spend on the credit card bill (the green available dollar amount) always seems like an excessive amount of money.  


When tracked credit card accounts are paid with untracked accounts should I use the "to be budgeted" category?

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  • Hi Navy Blue Nomad !

    Yes, the Inflow: To Be Budgeted category is the correct one to select - it will adjust the credit card balance without affecting the other areas of your budget (which is correct, since the account used to make the payment isn't included in your budget).

    However, you'll need to adjust the Available amount of your credit card category. YNAB helps you prepare to pay your credit card bill in full with the funds already in your budget. If your credit card balance is $100 and you budgeted for all of that spending, then you should have $100 Available in your credit card category to pay the bill. If you pay $40 from the account not included in your budget, your credit card balance will then be $60, but you'll still have $100 Available in the credit card category. Since you don't need the full $100, it's safe to move money to another category.

    Does that help clear things up?

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  • I am in this same situation. I recently made a $3200 to a business credit card. The payment was from an outside, untracked account in YNAB. This is how its showing in YNAB now.

    I am confused now on how to deal with this. Do I now move $3200 to somewhere in the budget? Also, I plan on another large payment soon from an outside account. So some clarity on how this works would be great.

    I know this topic is old, but would love some further feedback.


    • Hey Mark Harbert ! When you make a payment from an account that isn't tracked in YNAB, you'll categorize the payment as Inflow: To be Budgeted. It reduces the balance of your credit card but doesn't impact the Credit Card Payment category.

      You want to compare the remaining balance on your card to the amount Available. Anything above that can be moved elsewhere in your budget! This article on Paying your Credit Card in Full may be helpful. When you make the second payment, you can follow the same process. Let us know if you have any questions!

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