There's no pin/touchid/faceid protection

That's gotta be a bug, right????  You wouldn't intentionally not add such a crucial piece of functionality. And please don't tell me to just lock my phone - that's just laughable.

In this day and age of privacy worries you have all my entire financial world out in the open to anyone who happens to be looking at my phone (and it's not that unusual to pass a phone around amongst friends)

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  • Hi Spring Green Deer !

    This isn't a bug but a feature that isn't yet available (we're working on it, though!). If you log out of your YNAB account when you aren't using it, that will password protect your budget - as you'll need to re-enter your password in order to regain access. We mention logging out after each session in our Terms of Service, but we know added security never hurts! :)

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  • Logging out from the mobile app takes away the only (for me) usable part of the app - quick transaction entry.  You must be the only financial company out there that is fighting its users on the most basics of mobile app safety and suggesting workarounds that are hardly helpful.

    You might not considered it a bug, but I most certainly do - and a pretty bad one.

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    • Spring Green Deer We definitely don't mean to fight you on this issue - we know it's a useful feature and we're working on bringing it to the new mobile app! We're all for added security, we're just hoping the workarounds help until this feature is available. :)

      You can always submit a Feature Request to let our development team know how much this feature means to you!

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    • Faness this is not a "useful feature" - this is a required one.  As others have already pointed out - the previous version of this app already had it, so why not this one?

      I already submitted this request

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    • Spring Green Deer Thank you for submitting the feature request! We have a list of things we still intend to bring to the new mobile app, that were initially left off at launch (we also had some debate about whether the feature should be TouchID, passcode, fingerprint, etc. and how to establish that across both iOS and Android). We hear you loud and clear and we're working on it. :) 

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  • Wow, while I may not agree with  Spring Green Deer 's tone I absolutely agree with the point being made, haha.

    The apps for both of my banks leverage my phone's fingerprint reader (I have a Pixel 2) and logging-out/logging-in every time I want to use the app absolutely removes any reason for me to have the mobile app; if I can't quickly check my budget balances and enter transactions what's the point?

    Another point to bring up, as I'm sure I'm not the only person doing this, I use a Password Manager and because of that have a very long/complex password that I would need to look up every time I wanted to log in to the app, and actually takes some time to type in (more than a few seconds, which becomes very inconvenient).

    Is this something you could provide some kind of ETA on (later this year, sometime next year, etc)?


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    • This Is JKB I completely understand and appreciate you adding in here! :)

      Would you mind submitting a Feature Request? That goes directly to our development team so they know you're eager to see this feature implemented! 

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  • I have no interest in this feature. How do I vote for it to be LOW on the priority list?

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      I agree, low priority. Because YNAB cannot create transactions in any financial institution at this time.

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    • Herman Currently, there isn't a voting system in place. The Feature Requests are forwarded to our development team - they code the information, asking questions like Where is this person in their budgeting journey? What problem are they wanting to solve? Then, in regular research cycles they analyze all this collected feedback to plan for what’s next  in YNAB. 

      While we do plan to implement a pin code feature, we aren't able to put an ETA on any new features (for the above reason), but we do appreciate hearing from you! You can submit a Feature Request for anything you'd like to run by our development team! :)

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  • Hey everyone!

    I wanted to leave a quick link to our What’s Up Next page. If you take a look, you'll see that passcode authentication is now on the roster and coming soon! :)

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