Budget doesn't consider monthly income and can't handle savings accounts..

Trying to come back to YNAB after a long absence, and I can't seem to figure out why it has such a hard time dealing with a few things that should be simple in my mind.

1) Monty Budget vs bi-weekly pay cycle.

My monthly expense are just shy of 50% of my total monthly income.  When I put in my monthly expenses (Setting my budget + savings for budget net zero every month)  it shows I am WAY over budget, but its completely ignoring 1) my paychecks, 2) the fact that I don't spend my monthly budget all at the same time. My monthly income vs my budget should be zero if budgeting is done correctly.   I don't know how to fix this... I have PLENTY of funds, but from YNAB's perspective, I am overspending, and I am grossly over expending my means. 

This is far from the truth...


2) Savings accounts...

This one drives me nuts....  The old version of YNAB allowed you to mark these accounts off budget so they don't completely F-up your account balances. Seems that's not possible anymore.  Its showing this as a budget surplus, and if I try and "give it a job" by flagging it emergency fund in a category I go from a HUGE surplus, to a HUGE negative amount on my budget I have to delete this account from YNAB to even being to set a realistic budget based on income / expenditures.   YNAB 4 did this too and it was irritating as hell.   The pod cast I just watched on savings accounts with YNAB basically said with YNAB, you shouldn't have one. Which I guess explains partially why it can't handle them. From a budget view, fine, okay, i get that. But realistically, it should be able to deal with those funds SMARTLY. 


How can I flag a savings accounts 100% balance as part of the emergency fund without having it assume that is my monthly allotment and make my budget negative by that amount minus the single paycheck I have received for the month? 

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  • Okay,,, I wiped everything, started over again after watching [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQeS5kTE6wU  ] and I think I figured it out, sorta.  Savings account is still a bit funky, but I get the cyclical paycheck issue vs expenditures now.  I was telling YNAB I had SPENT the money vs PLANNING to spend... key difference... 

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      Tan Koala 

      Glad you got started on the right foot.  I can highly recommend the free webinars which are available at various times of day.


    • Tan Koala I'm happy that video helped you get things set up! I wanted to clarify that in the new YNAB, off budget accounts are now called Tracking accounts. We actually suggest you add your savings accounts as on budget, so you can give those dollars jobs, but adding them as Tracking accounts is also an option.

      There's a class on how to handle your savings, but here's a couple other resources as well:

      – Here's an article showing you how it all works.
      – Take a look at this 7-minute Whiteboard Wednesday about savings.

      Let me know if you still have questions!

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