Feature Request - Record Payment - Use Cleared Amount Instead of Working Balance


This isn't a bug but a feature request.  I wasn't sure where else to request this as I didn't see a feature request area.  It would be helpful if the record payment functionality on credit cards auto-populated with the cleared amount balance rather than the working balance.  When paying a credit card, most people would pay the cleared balance or statement amount that they owe, regardless of if they've budgeted funds for uncleared balances that will post later.  When paying a credit card, I'm not going to pay uncleared balances because I could end up with a credit to my account and frankly I don't trust credit card companies to honor that credit (and in some instances you cannot pay anything above what has cleared).  If I've already set the money aside for uncleared balances then the expense has been covered regardless of when it clears.   It is just a small manual work around to click into the inflow field on the credit card and type in the cleared balance only, but if someone wasn't paying close attention and saved it, they could end up with a budget showing they've paid more than they actually have.

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  • Hey Spring Green Ink , thanks for sending that in! I'll make sure our design team sees it. 

    In the future, you'll want to send in a Feature Request by filling out that form. You'll find it on the dashboard of the Support Forum! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I second this request, and have submitted it via the Feature Request form Dan references. Is there anywhere we can see a list of features already under review and/or scheduled?

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