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Does anyone have the Chase Business Ink and know how to reconcile it in YNAB?  Here is the lowdown.   Transactions are either listed online as posted,  pending or in between the two- in la la land.   The la la land transactions completely disappear for a day or two while they process.   The online balance per Chase reflects the posted transactions (which you can download to Excel file) but also the La la land transactions that don't appear on the download.   So, how do you daily reconcile such an account?    I thought switching to the mthly YNAB would get me away from the tedious cc statement manual tick and tie once a mth.   I am so frustrated with them    Has anyone found a work around for it?   And, now I don't have a daily running balance on either my YNAB or my Chase cc.

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  • Hi Blue Admiral !

    I actually have a Chase account, but not a Chase Business Ink account which seems to make a huge difference here. I've never seen an account hide transactions while they're pending (La La Land sounds like a terrible and scary place!). 

    I'm not sure how others handle this (and I'm hoping someone with the account will weigh in), but I'd manually enter transactions in this case. If those transactions won't be visible, I'd be severely pressed to enter them immediately so that even if they disappear on Chase's website, I know they're still accounted for and available for reference in my budget.

    I know that can take some getting used to, and an extra minute in the moment to remember, but I think it would be worth it to have an accurate account of those transactions at all times. :)

  • To clarify, both my husband and I enter transactions at point of sale.   My desire is to reconcile every few days to the balance online to ensure that neither of us have missed anything.   I don't like waiting until the stmt comes in and ticking an tyeing.    So, the problem is, I don't know if we have missed transactions or not, because there is no "set"  account balance and the missed transaction may be in LaLa Land.     

    • Blue Admiral 

      Sorry for misunderstanding! Is there a set time frame on that card for when transactions appear or disappear? For instance, do they appear at point of sale and then disappear at end of business day, then reappear once they've cleared the account? I think it becomes a very slim timing window where your online register would be helpful and you could reconcile against it.

      Has Chase reported that's normal behavior for that account? It sounds truly odd.

  • I'm going to move this over to the small business discussion thread, just in case there's more insight to be had over there. :)

  • I can confirm that this is how Chase business cards behave for me too. There's this mystery place where the transactions go to rest and renew after they've cleared the purgatory of pending charges but before they take on the difficult and perilous journey of becoming posted to your account. Even better, after I've connected my personal and business cards under the same Chase username, the personal cards have started doing it too. Calls to both Ink Preferred and Sapphire Reserve support lines resulted in the same answer which boils down to "this it how our systems work, we're very sorry that you odd person for some reason find invisible transactions not cool and inconvenient, all of our other customers think that this is a cool an unique feature that none of our competitors offer".

    Incidentally, Blue Admiral , do you have your business cards setup under the same Chase username as your personal cards? Have you by chance noticed that if a payment to one of the personal cards is not entered in advance, then it shows up as inflow twice - once on the personal card and once on the unrelated business card - in YNAB? I've alerted support about this a while ago and was asked to let them know when this happens again so they can look at my budget, but am curious if this happens to others.

  • I have opted to show loyalty to YNAB instead of Chase Ink.  Because of the extreme frustration  with the credit card not porting over correctly, which defeats the whole purpose of upgrading to the online version of YNAB. I switched to the Chase Sapphire personal cc.    My business was winding down anyway so it just made sense to try it. Luckily, there is no problem with Chase Sapphire personal that I can tell and I’ve been using it for about two months now. It works beautifully and comes over perfectly and in a few months will get my 50k bonus miles for opening it up.  Yea me. Boo chase Business Ink.

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  • I found this thread after Googling "Chase Business Ink disappearing charges." I am experiencing the same thing with a new Chase Ink card. It makes reconciling the account in YNAB very difficult. I know this is not YNAB's fault, nor is there anything that YNAB (or I) can do about it -- I'm just adding to the thread for the next person who comes along wondering about this.  Luckily for me, my Chase personal CC accounts are not affected because I have separate logins.

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    • Marla E yeah, this remains the default behavior for Chase business cards. I usually wait an extra day to reconcile them. BTW, whatever you do, do not make the mistake of unifying chase business and personal accounts under one login.

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