Best way for two people to use one budget?

Should both spouses just use one email login? I've used ynab4 for a long time and we shared one dropbox account. 

Didn't know if that's the best way to do both spouses using mobile/online.

Thanks for any thoughts!

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  • If my husband is logged into our budget through my email will he be able to approve transactions and they update on my phone, also? It would be silly to have to approve everything twice on each persons device 

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      • dakinemaui
      • dakinemaui
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      Silver Lightning yes, changes anywhere will propagate to all other devices.

  • I'm concerned that a basic feature as two users accessing a shared budget is not implemented after at least 2 years of people talking about it. I'm coming from YNAB4 and I love the idea of zero-sum budgeting but it seems to me that the R&D department is not at the level I'd be comfortable with. Advising people to share login info is a bad security practice, not only in my opinion. On top of that how the login sharing would work if the account is protected with 2FA? Am I supposed to read numbers to my wife over the phone? I can't help but think that security is not taken seriously.

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    • Hi Tan Commander !

      I understand wanting a better method for sharing the budget with your partner and we're working on it!

      In the meantime, if you'd rather not share a password, you can enable Google or Apple login methods in your Account Settings. That would grant your wife access without needing your password or 2FA through your device.

    • Faness Thank you for your time replying to my message, appreciate it! I don't think the workaround is something I'd be using though. My main concern is that you don't seem to take security seriously and were giving bad security advice in the past. That doesn't give me much comfort about how you would deal with my data. That being said, I'll have to go back to YNAB4. Again thanks!

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    • Tan Commander We completely understand if YNAB 4 better suits your needs for now! We do take security seriously, it's one of our top priorities, but we understand not feeling safe sharing passwords. I hope you'll consider giving YNAB another chance in the future!

  • When is this feature going to be released?

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  • I'll add my name to the list of those who need this feature.  Recommending people share logins as a substitute for multi-user support is very bad security practice that no technology company should ever recommend, and as another user pointed out, this makes using 2FA infeasible.  The only acceptable official responses are "we don't recommend sharing login credentials" or "we're working intensely on this feature and our target release date is X".  Those of you who are chastising those requesting this feature as having trust issues are completely off base and don't understand what's being discussed here.  The fact that you can't imagine a situation where a couple/group/team/family needs this functionality is a testament to either your limited imagination or your overactive opinion.  For a technology company, with a technology product, admin/user role and permission level distinctions is so basic a concept that it's legitimately incredible that the platform has progressed in development this far without it.  If multi-user support costs a premium, fine, I'll pay it - that's not the issue here.  But multiple users sharing the same login information doesn't provide admin/user control, and multiple accounts doesn't allow for shared access to shared information. 

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  • Magenta Grizzly Turquoise Projector

    Thank you for sharing your interest and feedback! This feature is definitely a high priority for us.  Our Up Next page is the best spot to keep an eye on for the most up to date details on a timeline, and that page is updated frequently.

    • (formerly Magenta Grizzly): Dela, oh hey friend! Small world! For now my partner and I just made a collaborative Google account for our household, but we'll definitely keep my eye on the release notes for updates on this feature. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction!

    • Daniel Raine Oh, hey!! :) Great to see your face! That's another good solution for the meantime. Sending you and your partner a big hug!

  • Another vote here for a UAC. My spouse and I are trying out google access for now. However if we find a similar service with proper UAC, we're going to switch.

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