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- I create a new budget

- I create a checking account with todays Balance  $2000 ( Budget)

- I create a savings account with todays balance  $1000  ( Budget )

- I now have a "TBB" amount that needs to be budgeted $3000

- For the savings, I created a Category called " New Car " and put the Savings Account Balance ($1000)  in it,  thus all I left , is to put the rest of the monies in the appropriate Categories.

- I would like to budget $250 a month for the new car

 I understand the logic used that by transferring money between accounts,  do not affect the Budget at all.  But  the $250 is not taken off the budget.  So it does not make any sense to budget if you cannot use it ?

Have I made the proper steps so far ?

Please advise


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  • Each month, put $250 in the budget column of the New Car category. The point is you budget it so you cannot use it ELSEWHERE in your spending plan (a.k.a., "the budget").

    Moving any money to a higher interest rate account is optional.

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  • dakinemaui   Thank you very much !!!   I struggled with Credit Cards, you helped me out.   Your last piece of advice has put me over the top.  I now feel 100% confident with YNAB.... A BIG Canadian bear hug goes your way.

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