*Rate* of spending

An itch I haven't been able to scratch in ynab - "am I spending too quickly?"


This applies to more discretionary categories like dining out. It's all well and good to look at my category balance and know that I can afford to go to lunch today, but it doesn't tell me if my rate of spending is going to bankrupt my category before month end. 


Thanks to whichever thread recommended the ynab toolkit in chrome. It has this capability, called "pacing indicator," I'm checking it out.

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  • I was going t recommend the toolkit, so I'm glad you've found it.

    The other thing I'll add is that this was something I really wanted when I first started using YNAB 4 in 2013. But 4 years in, it is irrelevant. As you get used to spending from your balances, you'll get better at doing it in an orderly way. 

  • I agree with Tan Major - the longer you go, the more accustomed you'll get to pacing things out. I'll add that when I was having trouble blowing through all my grocery money by the middle of the month, I decided to split that category into four categories representing the weeks of the month. It really helped me get a good visual on what I can spend each week in order to have enough for the entire 30 days. And, eventually, those four categories can be condensed into one again now that I have a better grasp :) 

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