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So I'm a recent convert from YNAB4 to the new online version. I'm slowly figuring it out but I'm currently stuck. With April coming to an end soon, I've been just focusing on getting my May budget ready to roll. I have entered in all of my categories and budgeted amounts the usual amounts we use for May AND I've included our two paychecks, scheduled for May 1 and May 15. Currently, YNAB is telling me that I'm way over budget but it's not taking into consideration that my paychecks are income in May. Is it because May 1st has not arrived yet and as such it doesn't count them yet?  I used to be able to put in all of my pay checks many months out and then budget for different things in different months. I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction because having that big red box at the top is driving me crazy.   Thanks!!

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  • This got me too for a split second when I first started using YNAB a couple months ago. I highly suggest taking the introductory 20 min courses YNAB offers, or find them on YouTube. The way YNAB works is that you are supposed to only budget the money you have available to be budgeted. Check out this article to get started: https://www.youneedabudget.com/how-to-create-a-budget-template/ .

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  • I'll go take a look, thank you!

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  • Future dated transactions are not considered in the budget. The YNAB methodology has never included budgeting income that you have not yet received. As an allocation system it is (and has always been) designed to only look at the the funds you have this very minute.

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  • Hi Khaki Flute !

    The document Dazed shared is one of my favorites! We also offer a Set Up Your Budget workshop that goes over that information! Here’s the full schedule

    Even though you scheduled those transactions, they won't affect your budget until the dates they're scheduled for - May 1st and May 15th, respectively. If you can't afford to budget for all of May right now, you can wait until you receive that income to fill in those amounts. :)

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