"Payment or Transfer" isn't working

Using a MACBook Pro, OS X, V.10.11.6

 Chrome web browser Version 66.0.3359.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Clicked the "Payment or Transfer" button and nothing happens. Clicked on the "Split (multiple categories)" button and that worked fine. Please advise. Thanks!

- Patricia

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  • Hi Navy Blue Piccolo ,

    I'm sorry you've run into that! 

    We're not seeing a widespread issue like the one you're describing, and I'm not able to recreate it in my test budget. So, let’s first have you try a few things  to see if we can figure out what's happening there – be sure to follow the links for instructions on how to accomplish each one if needed:

    First, try to use YNAB in another browser or a private window. Do you still see no response from the "Record Payment" button? If so, you’ll want to go ahead and clear your cache — just so you know, you will lose certain information that your browser remembers, so you may have to reset logins, etc.

    If that doesn’t fix things, it usually means that a browser extension is causing problems. If you use any, go ahead and turn them off one at a time until you figure out which one is causing the problem. We’d love to know which one it is so that we can look into it. You can also contact the extension developer to let them know it caused this problem.

    If none of that works, the above steps will help narrow things down a bit, so thanks for giving them a try! Let us know how it goes.

    We will get this figured out!


    • Elena  

      Hi. I'm not sure if you're writing to the right person or not because I don't recognize the moniker "Navy Blue Piccolo". My name is Patricia. If you are writing to me, thank you for your response. I will try to take the steps you noted and see if they work.

      Kind regards,


    • Ben
    • Toolkit for YNAB Designer & Developer
    • furiousfalcon
    • 6 mths ago
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    "Navy Blue Piccolo" is your semi-random username here, in case you want to stay anonymous. Whenever someone accesses the forum for the first time they'll receive an automatically assigned name, username, and avatar. It's usually a color followed by a random thing like Salmon Wizard or Magenta Orca. Both can be changed at any time. To change your name and avatar, click your user icon in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile. The username can be changed under the Account tab on that same page. ( https://support.youneedabudget.com/t/80kmah/guidelines )

    In case it's helpful... If you click the "Payment or Transfer" button in the Category dropdown, YNAB is supposed to redirect you back to the Payee dropdown (it should close the Category dropdown and open up the Payee dropdown with the Payments and Transfers section at the top). You do a payment or transfer by first selecting the To/From account in the Payee dropdown. If you're moving money between on-budget accounts, a category won't be needed. If you're moving money between an on and off budget account, then YNAB will ask for a category.

    Maybe it's working fine, you're just expecting different behavior?

    These are the help docs on these subjects:

    Payments: https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/117-credit-card-payments
    Transfers: https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/168-transfers

  • Hi Navy Blue Piccolo (Patricia),

    Were you able to get everything working as expected in your budget? Let us know if you're still running into this issue and we can help!


  • Hi Patricia, I'm going to go ahead and close this topic out. If you're still running into the issue feel free to open a new one and we'll help troubleshoot!


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